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How do we maintain Custom Nail Enhancements?

We need to provide you with a rebalance every 3-4 weeks. 

Initial appointments require complimentary consultation prior to treatment.

 A rebalance is a professional method of maintaining the beauty & toughness of your enhancements 
as your natural nails grow.  

Proper rebalancing of your enhancements protects the health of your natural nails 
and maintains the longevity of the service.  

As your natural nail grows- the balance goes- and regular expert maintenance will re-establish proper balance, beauty & longevity of your enhancements.

 Rebalances last three to four weeks, and are guaranteed.

Rebalances include
 complete mini-manicure prep, safe & painless reduction of existing enhancement product,  

FULL replacement with fresh enhancement product, moisturizing hand rub & UV gloss or professional enamel application. Clear with Gel Polish $55+ / Custom $75+

Rebalance prices reflect normal 2 week service; add $10+ each week additional maintenance.

New custom blend colors $5+ each.  Long length charge additional $10+

Prices with the Owner are not listed, provided by consultation only.