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The indestructable fashion statement...

Thin, light, natural looking nail coatings that protect and preserve the health of your natural nail.

Natural nails are perfected with Liquid & Powder or CND Brisa UV Gel.

We use professional approved products only, from CND~ the global leader in professional nail care.

 All enhancement services include Mini-manicure, professional enamel application 
or UV gloss and custom hand massage.

Complimentary Consultation required before all initial Enhancement Appointments.


With a Permanent Manicure, the length of your natural nails are protected with the ultimate nail coating to prevent chipping, peeling, cracking and breaking.  

This enhancement option offers wearable, durable, beautiful protection with 3-4 week maintenance.

Treatment includes meticulous nail & cuticle care, clear enhancement overlay, Vinylux polish or UV gloss, hand massage  65+

Permanent Manicure shown is Liquid & Powder in custom blend pink with permanent UV Gloss for high shine.


Your desired nail length ~ at your fingertips!  We will protect and enhance your nails perfectly, providing you with the length you've been waiting for!  Short, medium or long enhancement extensions available, we determine length during your consultation, considering your natural nail condition, activity level and fashion preference.  Initial maintenance recommended within 2 weeks to ensure stability, with 3 to 4 week maintenance thereafter.  

Treatment includes meticulous nail & cuticle care, clear enhancement extensions of your personal desired length, Vinylux polish or UV gloss, hand massage  85+

The ULTIMATE fashion statement...
This customized treatment starts with a thorough analysis of your natural nail health and condition, your lifestyle/activity level and unique fashion preference to determine the final design. 

We will utilize all available mediums to achieve your perfect enhancement coating; creating a Signature Shade especially for you~ to match, neutralize or contrast your skin tone, or accessorize for a bold fashion statement... your nails can be matte or shiny, shimmery, glittery, or sparkling, sheer or opaque.. all according to your choice.  90+

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