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We will reopen on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

to our new location

inside Charizma Salon, 3241 Cranberry Highway, Buzzards Bay!

Please read our NEW GUIDELINES (PDF above)


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If you have difficulty scheduling online, you can text us at 508.322.1612 with your name, email, and service/treatment requested and we will add you to our waiting list.

We can't wait to pamper you! 

We’re back!

It has been a while since we have held your hands (and feet), and we miss you!

On June 22nd, 2020 we will be back to providing you with Manicure, Pedicure, and Nail

Enhancement services & treatments. Please bear in mind we will be opening with limited staff that will increase over the coming weeks.

We have spent the last few months researching best practices and have been either

certified/re-certified in the following:

*Milady 2-hour Infection Control Certification

*Barbicide Safe Service Establishment

*Barbicide Disinfectant

*Barbicide COVID-19

*Rejuvenate Infection Prevention & Control

*Rejuvenate Sanitation & Reputation Management

These certificates will be in the salon for you to view. Any questions in regards to our sanitation and disinfection procedures are welcome. We will be complying with all MA state guidelines and regulations for a safe re-opening.

Our goal since 2003 has always been to go above & beyond to provide a safe and healthy salon environment. We will continue to do the same but now with even more knowledge and we shall continue to rise above the minimum guidelines to ensure your safety.

Appointment Protocols

* Please book all appointments online


Your credit card must be added to reserve your appointment AND, in some cases, a

non-refundable deposit required for select treatments.

*You will receive an Email Appointment Confirmation asking you to confirm the following:

(Your response will be expected no later than 4 hours before your appointment time. 

Failure to respond will result in appointment cancellation with possible late cancellation fees incurred.)

> You are NOT experiencing any : shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, coughing, runny nose, congestion, muscle aches, body aches, headaches, sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, new loss of smell or taste, any type of sickness symptoms including but not limited to allergies. Keep in mind stomach flu symptoms or any other contagious ailments are included in this!

> You have NOT been in contact with anyone who has been sick within the last 14 days.

> You are not presently waiting on COVID-19 test results.

*If you wake up sick on the day of your appointment you must reschedule your appointment

immediately to avoid a late cancellation fee. The cancellation fee for those that are sick will only be waived up to 2 hours before your scheduled appointment.

* Arrive early/ON TIME . Now more than ever it is imperative to be timely. If you are late you will be asked to reschedule and will incur a late cancellation fee. Our cancellation policy is viewable on our booking site, and is noted on your appointment confirmation.

*You must provide yourself with a mask/facial covering . This must be worn during the duration of your service. We are following the MA Reopening Guidelines and Governor Baker’s order: “Require face coverings for all customers and workers, except where an individual is unable to wear a face

covering due to a medical condition or disability.” IF you are UNABLE to wear a mask due to a medical condition or disability, please let us know upon scheduling your appointment (or at least 4 hours before your appointment time), so that we may prevent rescheduling.

*Upon arrival please wait in your car . Text the salon 508.322.1612 and we will inform you (with a reply text) when you can enter. Please have your mask on before entering the salon.

* Please keep ALL personal items in your vehicle . This includes but is not limited to beverages, food, purses, phones, bags, books etc. Any items brought in, will not be allowed on station surfaces.

Please be prepared to keep your method of payment & keys in a pocket or a purse strapped & remaining on you (we are not allowed to place your item(s) on the chair or table(s). We have a “no-touch” cell phone policy while inside the salon. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of your appointment with no refund of any deposit(s).

*Extra guests will not be allowed in the salon. Only those receiving a service will be allowed in to the salon.

*We highly recommend you use your restroom facilities at home prior to your appointment , this alleviates lost time in your appointment (as we must stop and fully disinfect the restroom after each use, which may prevent us from being able to complete your service).

*Regardless of the service you are having, as soon as you enter the salon you MUST wash your hands at the salon sink for 20-30 sec.

*After washing your hands, we will be waiting to guide you to your seat (if we aren’t next to the sink waiting, please remain at the sink). Prior to arriving for your appointment , we recommend you visit our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/yourbeautypros ) to view color choices, as choosing a nail color may only be done visually. Touching of the polish wall, polish bottles, glitters and display racks are NOT permitted. We will gather the products needed for your service. In most cases, your Nail Professional will text before your appointment to ask your color choice to be fully prepared before you arrive.

*Clients are not permitted to touch retail shelves. We will assist you in any at-home products you wish to purchase. If you do not have an appointment and would like to purchase products, pleaseTEXT 508.322.1612 and we can arrange for curbside pickup.

*At the completion of your service we recommend you wash your hands again or at least use the provided hand sanitizer.

It is important that you as the client realize we cannot offer you 100% safety, most of our services require close contact, if you are uncomfortable with keeping an appointment please make us aware so we can make other accommodations. These new protocols may not be ideal, but they are set in place to keep you safe and to keep us safe. These protocols are being implemented so we can maintain a safe, healthy, and successful business. Failure to comply can result in the loss of future appointments.

Salon Protocols

We will be complying with all the safe practices and protocols set in place by the MA State Board and local Board of Health, including but not limited to; as always: using disposable items whenever possible, wearing a mask or face shield during your services when possible, wearing gloves during

your services, washing our hands frequently and in between each client, disinfecting all surfaces and tools between each client.

*Per MA Guidelines, we apologize we will no longer be offering beverages and must not allow any outside food or beverage(s) be brought into the salon. Please plan accordingly.

* Our windows will be kept open all day and air conditioning adjusted for comfort, so if you get chilly quick please wear a sweater or sweatshirt (you will be required to wear it during the entire appointment as we do not have coat racks and we are not allowed to hang it on the back of chairsit is a violation).

*We will be checking our temperatures prior to each start of our day.

*Our disinfection procedure has always been enhanced with the use of Ultrasonic machines with high-level EPA registered disinfectant. This method goes above and beyond the MA State Board minimum guidelines.

*We will continue to run the HealthyAir source capture system to help keep the air clean and fresh.

* The new regulations and guidelines have significantly increased the salon investment towards health and safety, please be mindful when booking appointments as we have added services, removed services and there may have been price adjustments accordingly.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns or need clarification or help in booking the appropriate service PLEASE email or text the salon.

We thank you for your continued patience and kindness as we try to navigate through the

enhanced guidelines to accommodate you and keep you safe.

We look forward to pampering you soon,