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What happens during a Massage Treatment?


Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment to provide time to relax 

and prepare for your treatment.


A full consultation is provided by your Massage Therapist to review your health history, determine any prior or current injuries or concerns, and review your selected treatment.


It is best that you only remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with.  Plush sheets and blankets are provided so that you may cover yourself as you prefer.  Please be assured that your level of privacy will be respected.  You will be covered with a sheet, blanket and/or towels 

at all times except for the specific area being massaged.


Please allow yourself to relax ~ feel free to close your eyes and your Massage Therapist will help you to focus ~ so that you can enter the alpha Mind State, where all self-healing takes place and where you will find release from stress.  Often, clients fall asleep during a massage ~ this is completely acceptable.  At times the body eases tension during a massage and the mind releases emotion.  Listen to your body and sense what it is telling you.  If you suddenly feel sad, angry or joyful, please allow yourself to express these feelings at any time during your treatment, as you will be in a safe and private treatment room.


If you feel a need to talk and discuss matters which are important to you during treatment, 

please feel free to do so; however we encourage you to relax in silence 

so that you may fully relax and enjoy your treatment.


High quality oils and/or cremes are used to make the massage effective and pleasant.  The products used will not stain your body or clothing.  If you prefer, we will provide you with towels to wipe off any excess oil at the end of your treatment.


Above all, please make your needs known ~ your Massage Therapist is here to serve you in a professional sense, and it is our desire that you will come out of a treatment 

feeling relaxed, well and happy.